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DEI Visuals For Healthcare

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Anatomical Chart on the Skeletal System with Black Male
Anatomical Chart on complications of Diabetes in Arabic
Anatomical Chart on the Digestive System with Black Male

We illustrate diversity.

Body Scientific enhances patient education by creating materials that reflect the multi-ethnic and cultural diversity of patients. Working closely with healthcare companies, we focus on developing inclusive, engaging, and relatable content for patient, students and professional colleagues.

Adding Diversity Into Anatomy

Body Scientific: Crafting Inclusive and Diverse Visuals for Enhanced Medical Education.

Incorporating diversity in medical education visuals enhances patient understanding, leading to a more inclusive learning environment. This approach significantly improves patient education, ensuring information resonates with a broader audience.

It's time to diversify your patient education materials.

We Infuse Diversity Into Engaging Medical Illustrations

Expand anatomical illustrations that are inclusive.

Medical Illustration of black girl from side view, looking away, with brain
medical illustration of Hispanic doctor taking blood pressure of hispanic male patient.

Make your patient education more acceptable and engaging.

medical illustration of a woman of color, without clothing, showing internal anatomy of pregnancy. showing pregnancy

Experts in Illustration focused on diversity.

Your solution for DEI medical illustration and educational designs..

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Let's talk about your next project.

Committed to crafting designs that reflect our healthcare system's diverse demographics, we at Body Scientific specialize in medical illustrations that effectively convey scientific messages. Recognizing the power of resonant imagery, we prioritize creating inclusive materials, a vital step towards enhancing healthcare education and fostering acceptance. 

Photo of young woman, smiling, while holding anatomical charts.

Medical designs that resonate are empowering.

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